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Is it possible to change the date or time of our booking?

Absolutely.  If your children have fallen ill, or something else has popped up, just give us a call to arrange an alternate time.  No Cancellation fee will apply.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes. To ensure that we are not out on a location photo shoot, please contact us to book a suitable time. Even though we have 2 studio rooms, we like to ensure that our customers feel as comfortable as possible, so we only allow 1 client at a time.

Do you accept Credit Card?

We accept VISA and Mastercard (minimum amount of $30)

About booking

How long will a photoshoot last?

This depends on the type of plan you have chosen and the amount of people being photographed.  We can give you an approximate finish time when making the booking.  To give you an idea, A family photo shoot will last approximately 1 hour.  A more elaborate photo shoot, involving our kids rental costumes will normally take between 1.5 - 2 hours.  Passport and ID photos take around 20 minutes. 

Can we bring along our own camera or video recorder?

Absolutely.  There are going to be lots of moments that you will also like to capture on your phone or camera.  Just please remember that the professional photographer needs to have right of way. 

What should I wear?

This is really up to you and the type of style you would like to create for your photo shoot. Our Studio has 2 rooms. The first room is completely white and with our coloured drop down backdrops, we are able to create various effects. Our other room is themed and it has more of a country cottage type feel. By all means drop in before hand and have a look through our studio so you can get an idea of what you think you should wear. For family photos we recommend that everyone is coordinated to a certain degree e.g. if you are after a casual look, all members should wear casual clothes. If you are after a formal look, then all members should be dressed formally etc.

Can I change my outfit during the shoot?

Absolutely. As long as it falls within the allotted time, you can get changed as many times as you like. Having a few different outfits, especially for kids, will give much more variation to the end product.

How long does it take to receve the photos.

It usually takes us around 2 week to edit the photos.  These will be given to you in large digital format, meaning that you have access to all your photos (most studios will only give you a few photos, and then you need to purchase additional photos).  Albums, Panels and photo books take around 1 month.

About shooting

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